Version history

2.1.0 Release Candidate 1 - 2014-04-11



Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.1 RC1

Main changes

Ricoh Theta support

Panotour automatically detects your panoramas shot with a Ricoh Theta device.
If the gyroscope settings of your Theta during the shooting indicates that the panorama is not leveled, Panotour asks you if you want to automatically fix the horizon.
If you answer yes, a new file will be generated, and this new file will be used instead of the original Theta file.

We added two new presets dedicated to Ricoh Theta virtual tours, to enhance your Theta experience.

Here are two virtual tours created in Panotour with images shot with a Ricoh Theta and with these new presets:

Loading time reduced by up to 100x when opening a project

Loading a saved project in Panotour is now incredibly fast.

When you save a project, Panotour now saves 2 files.
A ".kpt" file, like before, containing all the source data of the project and all its parameters.
And a new ".cache" file.
This new file contains some optional data used during the loading of a project and during the build of a tour.
This file can be lost without any incidence on your project, except the performance during load and build times.

Just a quick bench done on the project of the "Lac du Bourget" tour : Le Lac du Bourget
This tour contains 23 panoramas including 3 gigapixels.

Loading this project took 22 minutes with version 2.0.
Once saved with version 2.1, the loading takes 12 seconds only!
In this case the opening is 100x faster!

Memory usage significantly reduced

The new ".cache" file stores a resized version of your panoramas.
When Panotour loads a project, it doesn't load the full resolution version of your panoramas anymore, but their smaller version.

The full resolution version of the panoramas is automatically loaded during the build stage if required, or you can load it by yourself in the hotspot editor, if you think that the reduced version of the panorama is too small to place your spots correctly.

If the panorama had been previously built and if it does not need to be built again, the full resolution version of the panorama won't be loaded.

Reduced build time

When Panotour builds a tour, it cuts each panorama into many tiles for a dynamic and smooth loading of the tour in a browser. When you build the tour once again, Panotour checks if all the tiles have already been correctly generated. This step can take a long time on big panoramas or if your project contains a lot of panoramas.

You can avoid this check on each panorama, by telling Panotour to not generate its tiles.

When a panorama is marked "Do not generate tiles", a new icon appears over its thumbnail in the main area of Panotour to indicate which panorama will not be built anymore.
You can uncheck this option at any moment.

Benefit of Autopano 3.5 improvements for Livepano generation

The Livepano wizard now supports Autopano 3.5 projects.

Virtual tour enhancements

Customize tooltips styles as you want

Tooltip styles can be customized either globally or per plugin.

Add play and pause buttons over video spots to ease user experience

Cursors related to the tour control mode are displayed on Flash tours

Titles and captions can be added to each image of your gallery

Minor enhancements

New Generation Methods

3 generations methods for the tiles can be used to build a tour:

- The default, and recommended one, builds only the necessary tiles of all panoramas except those marked as "Do not generate tiles".
- The second one generates all tiles of all panoramas except those marked as "Do not generate tiles".
- And the third one forces a full generation of all tiles of all panoramas whatever their status.

You can customize the spot style of automatically geolocalized spots

When you geolocalize a panorama and decide to automatically create a spot at this location, you can now change the style and the tooltip of this automatic spot.

Bing Maps layer usage inside Panotour Pro

You can now set your geolocalized spots over a Bing Maps layer inside Panotour Pro.
This layer requires a key to be used. This key is used internally, it may be different of the one set in the PanotourMaps plugin parameter.
The key can be entered in the Preferences window, or directly in the spot editor.

Add a specific thumbnail for your tour that will be displayed on social media when sharing it

In the Project properties, you can select a specific thumbnail, on the left of the project name.
This thumbnail will be copied in the tour and used by social media when the tour will be shared.

Generated tours use krpano 1.17 final release

Panotour is now available in Turkish


Projects are now saved in a way that does not depend on the language you choosed to run Panotour.
That was the case with 2.0 projects.
So when you will open a project saved with version 2.0, you'll have to run Panotour with the language used to save this project.
If you do not so, you may loose some actions on some plugins and spots.
Once this project will be saved with version 2.1, you will be able to open it whatever the language used to run Panotour.

Fixes since 2.0.1

- 0003103: [Feature] Ricoh theta support - 0003363: [UI] Yaw / Pitch / Fov / Compass are not filled until a click on panorama Preview - 0003348: [UI] Livepano + APG 3.5 integration - 0002809: [UI] Build progress bar : doesn't dissapear - 0003076: [UI] Blank build progress bar - 0002875: [UI] Bing map key filler into UI interface for map. - 0003033: [UI] Add tooltip and style selector for map spots of geolocalized panoramas - 0003370: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : select item color is not applied to groups only - 0003349: [Plugin] Rounded corner bar : tooltip for show/hide control is not visible - 0003340: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : bad display of the map on bottom when fullscreen is activated - 0003339: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : correct possible bad height affectation - 0003220: [Plugin] Viewers and Gallery plugin : placement correction for title and/or interface buttons - 0003100: [Plugin] Autorotation : issue with plugin pause autorotation - 0002422: [Plugin] KolorBox Gallery : add title + caption color and font options - 0002612: [Plugin] Ability to add style/font for each tooltip and text + add a general selector for all project - 0002774: [Tour] Hotspots Livepano and Video : ability to play/pause-stop video - 0003378: [Algorithm] When adding a new gallery, an error is displayed saying the action is already registered

2.0.0 Release Candidate 2 - 2014-01-16



Panotour & Panotour Pro

Fixes since 2.0 RC 1

- 0001357: [UI] RTL texts badly displayed on windows - in the final tour and in some widgets in Panotour
- 0001923: [UI] Panotour is minimized during the build of the tour
- 0002376: [UI] With little properties width, actions with goto panorama display a preview highest than the container
- 0002542: [UI] Undo : seems generate project from scratch after undo task
- 0002883: [UI] Hotspot style with action : bad refresh into the Tour Workspace
- 0002965: [UI] Height and Width are swapped between "Point spot style" and "Map point style"
- 0002991: [UI] FTP : some JS files missing after the upload
- 0002993: [UI] Verify auto-update of items and linkage into UI
- 0002998: [UI] Description is overwritten after build.
- 0003015: [UI] LivePano : transparent dialog window
- 0003025: [UI] CRASH : Images selector for plugins : quick add/remove (+/-) crashes panotour
- 0003055: [UI] Color chooser : Alpha value resetted when the HTML hexa value is get or set
- 0001257: [Algorithm] Zoom constraints are lost when coming back from Little Planet
- 0001942: [Algorithm] PSD Cube faces are badly imported in PTP2.0, while they are correctly imported in PTP1.8
- 0002288: [Algorithm] FTP : all files are not uploaded with project specific filenames
- 0002957: [Algorithm] JSBootstrap/JSBootstrapLoaded templates are not "conditioned"
- 0002981: [Algorithm] Add conditional items in plug_info
- 0002982: [Algorithm] Export algorithm does not manage big gigapixels
- 0002983: [Algorithm] Do not add http:// in URL fiels when the field contains a single filename "xxx.html"
- 0002995: [Algorithm] CRASH : when modifying the default values of a spot style action while a spot using this style
- 0003009: [Algorithm] Exporting HTML5 only tour from cube faces panorama does not create the cube faces
- 0002332: [Tour] Tooltip : in HTML5 tooltip can be badly displayed if into an align bottom component
- 0002859: [Tour] Convert SWFPATH to FIRSTXML for HTML5 tour played into HTML5 player
- 0002961: [Tour] Display image from mapSpot and floorplan cause error if no file is set
- 0002986: [Tour] No more mono resolution on mobile/tablet
- 0003010: [Tour] Spot display video action doesn't work with IE10-11 on HTML5 player
- 0003012: [Tour] Spot sounds and launch sound action compatibilities/incompatibilities (flash+html5)
- 0003014: [Tour] Need to add jQuery libs into all templates even if non HTML5 plugin.
- 0003030: [Tour] Unable to call "Display Video" action on a floorplan hotspot
- 0003032: [Tour] Unable to display a Web Video Box on a floorplan spot
- 0003051: [Tour] sound played with play sound action is not stopped by "stop tour sound" action
- 0002533: [Plugin] Loader Information : hide it on html5 player and for multi-resolution
- 0002684: [Plugin] Classic control bar : change the alpha rules to provide full opacity with non transparent ressources
- 0002815: [Plugin] Gallery : add title (manually) is bugged
- 0002861: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : conditionnal button effect
- 0002934: [Plugin] ProjectionMenu : verify all projections and resets
- 0002944: [Plugin] IE8 bugs on FloorPlan
- 0002963: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : remove problem due to innerHtml injection for IE9 and lower
- 0002966: [Plugin] Description : remove the default specific title text and correct specified text refresh
- 0002967: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : select a submenu item close the submenu on touch devices
- 0002978: [Plugin] FloorPlan bugged on ActivateSpot method
- 0002994: [Plugin] Thumbnails bar : orientation problem
- 0003003: [Plugin] FloorPlan : two differents radars can be selected on init
- 0003023: [Plugin] Thumbnails bar : display on onxmlcomplete event rather than on onloadcomplete event
- 0003024: [Plugin] FloorPlan : bottom map spots are display as centered ones

2.0.0 Release Candidate 1 - 2013-12-18



Panotour & Panotour Pro


This new version includes the 1.17 Pre Release version of krpano player.

You can now build a multi-resolution tour using an HTML5 player.

Full spherical panoramas and planar panoramas can be displayed at full resolution on desktop computers with the HTML5 player and on mobile devices.

Partial spherical panoramas (i.e. not 360x180°) are supported but not with multi-resolution.

Important note for all Branding-Free license owners

With this new player version, the license management changed. The branding-free license you used in the 1.x versions and in prior alpha and beta versions of Panotour Pro 2.0 cannot be used anymore. A free upgraded license can be retrieved on your customer account. You'll need to register it in Panotour Pro through the Help > Licenses menu.

Important note for krpano Tools users

You'll need to do a new "export" of your embedded krpano license to be able to use the new version of krpano tools.

New available translations

- German
- Polish

Fixes since 2.0 beta 5

- 0002338: [UI] Zoom limits/levels bugs
- 0002377: [UI] Lost of the descriptions fields in UI
- 0002424: [UI] Description is lost if text use a quote
- 0002452: [UI] Action open website box on hotspot with new style persist even if website box is removed
- 0002716: [UI] Into Descriptions fields, use of TAB generate a non valid xml for HTML5
- 0002917: [UI] Description : remove formatting action can crash PTP
- 0002465: [UI] Invisible thumbnails (or little) into Tour workspace
- 0002910: [UI] Hotspot editor displays a lower resolution than in 1.8 -> spotting on gigapixels is harder or impossible
- 0002918: [UI] Hotspot without "Goto Panorama" action can be dragged in the workspace and then Panotour crashes
- 0002927: [UI] Actions on plugins are lost or badly defined on project load
- 0002933: [UI] Spots and links of the first panorama are not always correctly displayed
- 0002942: [UI] When a preset is loaded the "start parameters" are not updated
- 0002285: [Tour] License Error on HTML5 player with domains restriction feature
- 0002710: [Tour] Add planar projection compatibility on HTML5 player
- 0002793: [Tour] Livepano : do a seek(0) on video complete to be able to replay it on click
- 0002903: [Tour] unable to stop a sound played with playsound action
- 0002905: [Tour] playsound does not work on a button !
- 0002935: [Tour] When a video is displayed, the background sounds are not stopped
- 0002939: [Tour] Add default height of 100% into the html template
- 0002949: [Tour] Remove capture event on picture spots
- 0002881: [Plugin] FloorPlan : display bug on multiple floor plan without title affectation
- 0002892: [Plugin] FloorPlan : use background alpha on title background color
- 0002948: [Plugin] FloorPlan : bad floorplan affectation for specified panoramas
- 0002946: [Plugin] Floorplan : keep current floorplan if panorama is found on many floorplans
- 0002323: [Plugin] D-Pad control bar : issue with zoom slider
- 0002749: [Plugin] PDF BOX : Bad init loading of PDF on iOS
- 0002945: [Plugin] Prev/next plugins : tooltip textfield can be clicked even if not visible
- 0002657: [Plugin] KolorBox video : black screen after a Youtube video close on IE8
- 0002931: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : the current panorama is not always highlighted when it is loaded thru another plugin
- 0002936: [Plugin] Description plugin : add title option + correct background color update for groups
- 0002528: [Plugin] KolorBox : update size/display of iframe on mobile devices
- 0002924: [Plugin] KolorBox : Close X button of box/area doesn't work on Android
- 0002925: [Plugin] KoloBox : white flash on iframe loading
- 0002827: [Plugin] Thumbnails stack : loading problem on some thumbs
- 0002906: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : add focus/blur actions for keyboard on Bing Maps
- 0002916: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : use center point on init
- 0002928: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : Add map title option for map over the tour
- 0002904: [Plugin] All krpano plugins : Problem with loop actions on projects with more than 200 panoramas
- 0002189: [Algorithm] LivePano : Unable to create a LivePano when the images stored in the .pano file are not found
- 0002898: [Algorithm] LivePano : bit-rate of encoded video is too high
- 0002943: [Algorithm] Replace panorama file removes the panorama
- 0002950: [Algorithm] Unable to tune the "used memory" in 2.0 - it was allowed in 1.8
- 0000881: [Algorithm] algorithm that creates Cube Faces for Mobile could be optimized
- 0001984: [Algorithm] MacOS : Temporary resources are copied at disk root and not removed
- 0002902: [Algorithm] The generated "spots" directory is a file -> spots are not generated

2.0.0 Beta 5 - 2013-11-28



Panotour & Panotour Pro

Small features

- Reset UI :
You can now restore the default positions and sizes of all parts of the interface through a new option in the "General" tab of the "Preferences" window.

- "Play a sound" action :
This basic action was missing. It is now available on a spot click, and on a "Button" click.

- Spanish translation :
Panotour translation process is started. This new beta version is partially translated into Spanish. Only the plugin library is not available in Spanish.

Fixes since 2.0 beta 4

- 0001883: [UI] Panorama > Properties > Preview : quality changes Yaw Pitch and Fov
- 0001976: [UI] context menu over "Description" field does not display the real available actions
- 0002055: [UI] Polygon spots cannot be drawn when the hotspot editor is fullscreened
- 0002156: [UI] Add a reset UI option in view menu
- 0002245: [UI] PTP freeze while changing panorama name
- 0002346: [UI] Floor plan : floorplan icon not displayed when opening a project, floorplan image ratio not kept into hotspot editor
- 0002412: [UI] Maps : hotspots cannot be deleted
- 0002577: [UI] MacOS : Fullscreen on Editor (2 bugs)
- 0002593: [UI] Crashes if you click a hotspot during load of a project
- 0002691: [UI] Add a check for http:// on all possible url fields
- 0002721: [UI] MacOS : need to generate directories and files with a good chmod
- 0002764: [UI] Save changes on project is badly called
- 0002766: [UI] project named like not saved on startup
- 0002777: [UI] Tour workspace : edit before full load of project can create wrong links
- 0002794: [UI] When a group has a specific thumbnail image, all groups display this image instead of nothing
- 0002796: [UI] Presets loose hotspots action properties
- 0002808: [UI] Target View of hotspots are always "Custom view"
- 0002843: [UI] Crop Tool can be visible on FloorPlan editor
- 0002874: [UI] UI for Map : add crosshair only on the main map layer
- 0002438: [Algorithm] Reduce distortions algorithm may compute too small cutting sizes
- 0002795: [Algorithm] Do not re-create tiles when a panorama is renamed
- 0002863: [Algorithm] Presets do not save correctly the spot style actions when the actions are plugins actions
- 0002811: [Tour] XML report a startup error on removearrayitem method
- 0002829: [Tour] Some File names doesn't allow the start by number
- 0002849: [Tour] Space problem into html5 visits for some kind of spots
- 0002456: [Export Flash] Picture hotspots of planar panoramas are badly placed on on re-generated tour
- 0002865: [Export Flash] When a new thumbnail is choosen for a panorama, is it not generated in the tour
- 0001996: [Plugin] Font (size) problem under MAC OS
- 0002106: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : add default lat/lon/zoom values for the map default display.
- 0002109: [Plugin] KolorMenu : modify resize handler for Safari 7 compatibility
- 0002111: [Plugin] General map interface + scene/group map interface : use i18N to change texts
- 0002308: [Plugin] ComboBoxList : add default offsets value for iOS compatibility on top touch
- 0002492: [Plugin] List of Panoramas plugin : selectable background size, apply selected color on items, correct groups background size
- 0002537: [Plugin] iOS7 display tests
- 0002653: [Plugin] Thumbnails Bar : issue with iOS 7 orientation
- 0002761: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : add possibility to place text on the left of the thumbnail
- 0002768: [Plugin] Thumbnails Stack : no border on flash tours
- 0002792: [Plugin] Loader text : add first display on xml complete event
- 0002800: [Plugin] Box Viewers : correct top margin on fullscreen, add orientation change, correct iframe size on orientation change
- 0002828: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : scroll sometimes doesn't appears on the first load
- 0002852: [Plugin] PanotourMaps / FloorPlan over the visit : add an hourglass during content upload
- 0002870: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : bug with submenus offsets value when PanotourMaps is loaded
- 0002872: [Plugin] Problem with empty text which can display an empty CDATA string
- 0002880: [Plugin] FloorPlan : correct radar borders and close button position
- 0002826: [Plugin] KolorBox : correct bad available size with too big offsets

2.0.0 Beta 4 - 2013-11-14



Panotour & Panotour Pro

Important note

This new beta version fixes the main issues that happened in the third beta version : crashes on group and panorama management, bad Gallery images managament, etc...
But it still contains a crash issue.
A crash can occur when removing the floorplan of the project, by "shift-clicking" the image button in the floorplan form of the project parameter. It happens if the hotspot editor contains the floorplan you want to remove. So if you want to remove a floorplan in this new version, first click on a empty part of the panorama area, to be sure to unselect the floorplan and to remove it from the hotspot editor.

Fixes since 2.0 beta 3

- 0002591: [Algorithm] CRASH : When deleting a view containing other hotspot connected to the scenery
- 0002771: [Algorithm] Links are lost when a target panorama is moved into a group
- 0002772: [Algorithm] CRASH : when changing size of a group
- 0002164: [UI] Contextual menu on goog.editor greyed but operationnal
- 0002505: [UI] Descriptions : add target (_blank, _window, ...) into the Edit Link window
- 0002594: [UI] Panoramas thumbs in Tour tab vanish
- 0002732: [UI] Spots display parameters can disappear
- 0002778: [UI] Progress bar during export cube face is always at 0%
- 0002773: [UI] Gallery : only one image is added
- 0002763: [Tour] Spots are not displayed when the tour starts with Little planet on a partial pano
- 0002780: [Tour] Picture and Video spots with a filename beginning with a number do not work
- 0002781: [Tour] License error on HTML5 player with domain limitation when the domain ends with a "/"
- 0002788: [Tour] Double quotes into hotspot style names lead to an XML parsing error
- 0002445: [Plugin] PDF box : scrollable on iPad
- 0001978: [Plugin] Title cannot be underlined
- 0002734: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : ability to add a background color for selected item and/or group
- 0002765: [Plugin] Fullscreen not compatible with HTML5 plugins
- 0002760: [Plugin] Add orientation change and document resize for mobile/tablet devices into html templates
- 0002759: [Plugin] Web Video Viewer : accept new KolorEyes hosting url

2.0.0 Beta 3 - 2013-11-07



Panotour & Panotour Pro


An important bug was found in this new version since its release Thursday the seventh of November.
We are working on a Beta 4 version that should be released soon to fix this issue.
If your project contains a Gallery plugin, prefer the Panotour Pro 2.0 Beta 2 version to this Beta 3 version.
If you set multiple actions on a single spot or on a single button, do not use this version.

New features

Small enhancements in the main area of the Tour tab.
Three new tool icons are placed on the top-right corner of the area, allowing you to zoom in or out without using the keyboard shortcuts.

Fixes since 2.0 beta 2

- 0002724: [Installer] Panotour Standard : bugs install : unable to load resources
- 0002519: [Algorithm] Multiple Actions on buttons are not always correctly loaded
- 0002633: [Algorithm] Deleting a used spot style does not change the style of the spot using the deleted spot style
- 0002693: [Algorithm] Panotour Pro FTP does not upload all the generated files
- 0001876: [UI] Misplaced spots on panorama thumbnail when the spot was created on closed group
- 0002010: [UI] Enhance sequence spot preview
- 0002124: [UI] Properties and spot editor disapear on change tab
- 0002270: [UI] Latest spot style con't be removed but close cross is displayed.
- 0002286: [UI] Spot Styles names are badly displayed in the "Style" chooser widget
- 0002319: [UI] Small enhancement on "Plugins Library" and "Workspace" column headers
- 0002331: [UI] Style view, problem to select a plugin already inserted
- 0002419: [UI] Add zoom +/- and % values into the Tour workspace
- 0002467: [UI] Bad display of the style spot icons
- 0002543: [UI] Crash when removing panorama which is target of hotspots
- 0002603: [UI] The soft crash when deleting a group
- 0002610: [UI] Build progress bar blank and tour not building
- 0002639: [UI] Add a way to visualize scenes ID name for deep linking with startscene
- 0002674: [UI] No preview and transition visible for partial panoramas
- 0002677: [UI] Remove special chars from file names
- 0002696: [UI] Hotspots links arrow on the Tour workspace have wrong source on minified groups
- 0002697: [UI] Build proccess seems odd a few times
- 0002711: [UI] Panorama input fields height is never saved in kpt if changed and others bugs with non 360x180 panoramas
- 0002717: [UI] Sounds file are never played if accents are presents into file name or url
- 0002720: [UI] Need a button to delete user preset
- 0002723: [UI] Kpt doesn't keep the nadir crop
- 0002725: [UI] Hotspot with display video action doesn't work on Android and iOS devices
- 0002727: [UI] Close project crash panotour pro
- 0002750: [UI] Delay on autotour / autorotation bug
- 0002044: [Plugin] Fullscreen HTML5 API : IE11 and Safari 7.0 support (krpano fallback for Safari < 7; without HTML5 plugins)
- 0002669: [Plugin] Tooltip HTML5 always visible on hotspots
- 0002688: [Plugin] FloorPlan : remove pointer events on resizable floorplan image
- 0002694: [Plugin] Social share : start opened problem with html5 player
- 0002704: [Plugin] Ktools i18N getMessage can return CDATA tags if string is empty
- 0002715: [Plugin] Change onnewpano to onxmlcomplete event into loader information plugin
- 0002714: [Plugin] Helpscreen looks odd when used with a specified image
- 0002731: [Plugin] Gallery and boxes : improve compatibility with IE8
- 0002735: [Plugin] Docked bar : Previous/Next buttons overide the Hide controls button
- 0002747: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : remove some rounded value on lat/lon coordinates
- 0002748: [Plugin] Add device support options for fullscreen actions
- 0002738: [Plugin] KolorBox : remove possible white flash when iframe loads

2.0.0 Beta 2 - 2013-10-17



Panotour & Panotour Pro

Important Note

During the first run of Panotour/Panotour Pro 2.0 Beta 2, starting the application may take some time.
This extra time that will occur only during this first session is due to the removal of all temporary files that Panotour Pro did not erased in the previous beta version.
With this new version every temporary file used in a Panotour/Panotour Pro session are erased when closing Panotour.

New feature

The Panotour team is currently focused on bugs fixes, so no new feature should appear until the final release.
But we added a small one. In version 1.8, you were able to call external JavaScript functions on hotspots, but this was missing in version 2.0 beta 1.
Now the action chooser, on hotspot styles and on buttons plugins, contains a new advanced action: "Call a JavaScript function".

Fixes since 2.0 Beta 1

- 0002545: [Feature] Actions : add javascript call as into PTP 1.8
- 0001437: [Algorithm] Cube faces generated for iPad tours are low quality and too sharp
- 0002026: [Algorithm] Bad id for controls added to existing project
- 0002341: [Algorithm] Kolor EXIF : no negative value for Vertical offset + horizon to 0 in autorotation
- 0002232: [Algorithm] Spot actions : Unchecked customized parameters are still kept instead of the one described in the style
- 0002535: [Algorithm] TEMP folder is not cleaned on close project/software on Windows
- 0002560: [Algorithm] Deleting a plugin does not update the spots that use its actions
- 0002589: [Algorithm] Bad vertical offset
- 0002586: [Algorithm] loading of 1.8 projects : spot tooltips should be loaded too
- 0002614: [Algorithm] Bad license contract in all installers
- 0002620: [Algorithm] Enhance default name of panorama when loading cube faces
- 0002662: [Algorithm] Floorplan image is not retrieved when the resources are moved
- 0002663: [Algorithm] A underscore is added to main floorplan image
- 0002664: [Algorithm] Floorplan : when the image is resetted the floorplan object is not deleted
- 0001024: [UI] Waiting Spinning Wheel displayed only once on 3D editor
- 0002101: [UI] Issue with pano preview refresh (toolbar)
- 0002595: [UI] UI : bad panorama preview display
- 0002579: [UI] Build without project file name doesn't build but doesn't inform the photographer
- 0002656: [UI] Minimum zoom erased when opening saved project
- 0002655: [UI] Set volume action is bugged
- 0002634: [UI] Add a message box asking for confirmation when deleting a spot style
- 0002485: [UI] After a build the 3D view in the load action of a Button plugin contains nothing
- 0002629: [UI] 3D view in action properties is too small
- 0002457: [UI] Partial panorama : field of view is redefined on each click (on horizontal or vertical)
- 0002596: [UI] Linux : centralView_bg.gif : Unsupported image format (the fix of this bug may also fix the crash during the start of Panotour/Panotour Pro on some Linux releases)
- 0002344: [UI] Add/remove actions : (+/-) give a crash
- 0002451: [UI] Alpha value are not saved with project
- 0002247: [UI] "Home" tab : display of HTML browser context menu !
- 0002529: [UI] "Home" tab : if a project file name contained two dots "." , the name was cut to the first one
- 0002246: [UI] 3 Links are not working in the "Home" tab
- 0002309: [Plugin] PanotourMenu : add window constraints for sub-menu items
- 0002342: [Plugin] Display problem under phone Android devices with or without the desktop mode
- 0002357: [Plugin] Add plugins compatibility check between PTP versions
- 0002510: [Plugin] Add an option in the Social Share plugin to share a specific URL
- 0002514: [Plugin] Compass : change open/close/toggle action for map and floor plan
- 0002521: [Plugin] KolorBox : size of the title must fill the header size
- 0002523: [Plugin] Floor Plan : hotspots aligned on bottom are broken
- 0002524: [Plugin] KolorArea : add close icon and overlay for the area
- 0002538: [Plugin] FloorPlan : close on click
- 0002551: [Plugin] KolorBox : video not loaded from youtube and dailymotion short urls
- 0002554: [Plugin] VideoBox : add autoplay option
- 0002561: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : bad attribution of the area background color
- 0002580: [Plugin] Android view is tearing/glitches on mobile phone
- 0002585: [Plugin] Boxes : remove the loading picture when the item is loaded
- 0002607: [Plugin] Add "opened at start" for Description plugin
- 0002638: [Plugin] Open pdf action must use double quote to encasulate URL
- 0002640: [Plugin] dblclick plugin is blocked by adblock
- 0002641: [Plugin] Social Share : start opened method

2.0.0 Beta 1 - 2013-09-30



Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0 beta 1

What's new in Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0

  • A new interface, a new workflow
  • Advanced project description:
    • Using panoramas and groups of panoramas datas
    • Using project information and descriptions
  • Managing groups of panoramas:
    • Many new displaying options
    • Management in the interface of the tour
    • Management of big projects
  • Choice of graphical themes and presets
  • Choice of interactivity and plugins
  • Management of contents: photo gallery, web pages, social share, video stream, PDF files
  • Coming back of the Google Maps support
  • Extended compatibilities: HTML5, Desktop, Mobile devices

Livepano add-on

Livepano, video sequences inside panoramas. Discover example virtual tours featuring Livepano.


Some Panotour plugins are written in JavaScript/HTML5 code. So if you build an Adobe Flash tour, and you want to test it locally, you'll need to test the tour within a local webserver. Panotour contains an internal webserver, so you do not need a webserver if you click on the "View last built tour" green icon.

Demo mode limitations

Even if we're in a beta stage, you can already purchase a license of Panotour 2 or Panotour Pro 2 to unlock the demo mode. If you already own a license of version 1.x, discover your special upgrade options. Without a registration code, you can still work with Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0 but you'll get the following limitations:

  • XML is crypted, so you cannot edit the tour afterwards.
  • A watermark is displayed on the tiles generated by Panotour / Panotour Pro.
  • A watermark is displayed in the player when you show the tour through a web-server.
  • You can upload the tour on a website and it will work, but with the above limitations.

Notes for the testers of the private alpha

This first public beta contains a known issue on the Gallery plugin. If your Alpha project contains a gallery, you'll have to remove this plugin and recreate it.
If you do not re-create your gallery plugin, a crash will occur during the build of the tour.

New features

User Interface

- Tour File system management
During the process of a tour creation you may build your tour many times, with different parameters, different panoramas, etc...
The directory in which you build your tour may contains extra files that are not needed by the last built tour.
A file manager window describing which files are mandatory and which files seem to be useless can be opened using the last icon of the toolbar.
The "red" files are the files that the tour built by Panotour may not need.
You can delete those files by checking them, and click on the "Delete selected files" button.
If you did not copied any file into the tour data directory, all the red files should be deleted.
If you copied some files into this directory, and if those files are needed by the tour, be sure to uncheck them if you click on the "Selection/Not needed files" button.

- Replace panorama file
A new entry is available in the contextual menu of a panorama.
Select a single panorama in the "Tour" area, and right click to see this new entry : "Replace panorama file".
This entry allows you to replace the image(s) file(s) of the panorama.
The new image should have the same aspect ratio as the original image.
If you set some spots in the original image, the new image should also have the same heading to be sure that the spots fit the new panorama.
But they can have a different size. So you can for example have a low res version of a gigapixel panorama during your tour creation process, and when you are ready, change the panorama file with the gigapixel one.
This feature also allows you to prepare a big tour before the panoramas are even shot.


Fixed Bugs

User Interface

- Update panorama and groups comobo box when a panorama or a group is renamed
- "Load custom view" is the default target transition
- 0001956: Hotspot arrangement change from rows to columns. ...
- 0001990: Resizeable preview in panorama properties
- 0002405: FloorPlan Compass UI : remove the compass arrow to avoid differents visions.
- 0002387: Unable to set negative vertical offset values in panorama projection properties


- 0001860: Panorama Menu : there is a bad tooltip text over thumbnails
- 0001869: Kolor Box : iframe scrolling attribute use bad value
- 0001885: Thumbnails Stack : bad hidden with thumbnails button or controls
- 0001964: Description field : special characters management : [ ] , " < > etc....
- 0002374: KolorFloorPlan : change the title style for multiple and single floorplan
- 0002378: KolorBox : add scrolling on iPad
- 0002388: Panorama Menu : Thumbs/Titles only for all panoramas display titles+thumbnails
- 0002389: PanoramaMenu : remove undefined groups of the all groups options
- 0002425: Description : show/hide events corrections + apply css for unordered/ordered lists
- 0002440: Change hideable plugins at start gestion to kept them visible if "respond to show/hide controls" isn't checked
- 0002448: iControl Bar : help screen bugged
- 0002463: Social Share : deep linking values with & not taken in account
- 0002475: PDF Box is not draggable
- 0002484: Double start of the KolorMenu if respond to show/hide controls
- 0002488: PanoramaMenu : add injection verifications
- 0002489: FloorPlan : bad heading + fov values for the first radar displayed
- 0002506: Apply "close on new displayed object", "close on new pano", "pause autoration" on kolorBox and kolorArea based components
- 0002511: FloorPlan : test browser IE8 to remove canvas usage


1.7.0 Beta 1 - 2011-10-20




Use of the latest KrPano player version

Use final release of the version of krpano player
Adapt Panotour/PanotourPro outputs to this new version

New option on thumbnail stacks

Add an option to let the user decides if the stack of thumbnails should be opened when the tour starts or not

Bug fixes on angular fields and vertical offset fields

Angular fields values do not change when user clicks on the graphical fields representing them
The vertical offset of imported orthoptic panoramas is correctly set

Enhanced building time

Enhanced internal algorithms to reduce the building time of a tour


Lower limitation for spherical panoramas useable in iPad tours

To be able to build a mobile-compatible tour, the project must only contain spherical panoramas with at least 360x45 angular fields.

Distorded hotspots on iPad

Distorded images will be displayed in iPad tours as they are displayed in desktop tours.

Cube Faces suffixed by _r, _l, etc.. taken into account during import

Krpano syntax for cube faces is taken into account during Cube Faces import.

Enhancement of the basic theme

Added: a new colorizeable blinking spot in the basic theme.

1.6.0 Release Candidate 3 - 2011-07-29



major fixes

  • 811: Fix bad display of TIF files containing an alpha channel
  • 798: Fix crash while changing vertical offset of panoramas

minor fixes

  • fix thumbnails display area size
  • 802 : PanotourMaps : fix bad transition usage on PanotourMaps spots
  • 808 : PanotourMaps : fix missing controls when the map is opened at start

1.6.0 Release Candidate 2 - 2011-07-13



new features

  • PanotourPro : add an option to start PanotourMaps plugin opened
  • major fixes

    • 758: Fixed crash when changing the temporary directory
    • 785: Fixed cube faces export for mobile devices
    • 787: Fixed google map access in PanotourPro when a proxy is used

    minor fixes

    • 786 : fix inconsistent zoom min/zoom max values with default view in 3D editor
    • 792 : Do not switch from a panorama to another during hotspot edition
    • Enhancement for zoom in central UI and fix for "jumping" object in central UI under MAC
    • Enhancement of krpano XML confiugration files to ease PanoPress usage (many thanks to Sam Rohn and Omer Calev)

    1.6.0 Release Candidate 1 - 2011-06-24



    new features

    • Seven available translations : English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Polish
    • Scrolling thumbnails when the tour is not wide enough to display them
    • Basic Theme contains the same buttons as the other themes
    • All actions done in a project can be logged and saved in the project file (.kpt)
    • PanotourPro : Play/Stop sound button available in all themes
    • PanotourPro : Ability to export tours that run only on iPad/iPhone

    major fixes

    • 732: Fixed crash when deleting hotspot on google map
    • 736: Spots on the PanotourMaps plugin are displayed at first load
    • 739: Fixed crash when validating some change on Panorama properties with Enter key
    • 744: Fixed deletion files before FTP upload
    • 772: Fixed opening of *.kro files with a size greater than 400000 pixels

    minor fixes

    • 733 : do not display the radar on the map if it contains no spot linked to a panorama
    • 734 : fix empty tooltips if the text contains brackets [ ]
    • 735 : fix bad placement of thumbnails in the thumbnails stack when there are "a lot" of thumbnails
    • Enhance google map zoom and position when displaying search results
    • Little Planet intro effect not hidden by introduction picture

    1.6.0 Beta 3 - 2011-06-01



    new features

    • second skin less dark
    • ability to change thumbnails border color and size
    • ability to have multiple logos in a tour
    • ability to add a radar on a standard map
    • panorama list (combobox) available on iPad®/iPhone®

    major fixes

    • 697: Fixed crash of Panotour on exit
    • 705: Fixed crash when deleting hotspot

    minor fixes

    • 718: compliant XML even if the panorama name is not compliant
    • 549: fixed disappearance of hotspot color

    In progress

    • Add new Play/Stop sound button in Panotour Pro themes

    1.6.0 Beta 2 - 2011-05-13



    major fixes

    • 693: FTP issue on Windows platform
    • 698: Satelitte view of GoogleMaps correctly loaded in PanotourPro
    • 712: Directional sound set with new hotspot type in hotspot editor

    minor fixes

    • Add krpanoiphone.license.js file in krpano licence export
    • Hide the map type control when the panotourmaps plugin is closed
    • Add the same "Display panorama name in tooltip" option on Thumbnails plugin as in "Thumbnails stack plugin"
    • Check the existence of the image file used as splashScreen when opening a project
    • Tweak on zoom and re-organizing panoramas

    1.6.0 Beta 1 - 2011-05-06




    New Thumbnails plugin: Thumbnails stack

    Thumbnails can now be displayed as a stack in a corner of the tour.
    The user can click on a stack to expand it vertically or horizontally and click on a thumbnail to open a chosen panorama.

    Add a template for hotspots tooltips

    If you set %p as a tooltip on a hotspot linked to a panorama, the tooltip of the spot will show the name of the targeted panorama.

    View projections

    You can add some entries in the contextual menu to change the projection used to display the current panorama.

    New theme

    There are now 4 default themes available. The new one is similar to the KrPano theme.

    Easy placement of panoramas in the main area

    Add a new panorama to a project and it will be placed next to the other panoramas. There are no more superimposed panoramas.
    If you type "Shift R" on your keyboard, the panoramas will be reorganized.

    The following tips already existed in the previous versions, but they were not well known:
    If you type "Ctrl 0" the zoom will be adapted to fit all the panoramas.
    If you type "Ctrl A", all the panoramas are selected so you can modify their properties at once.
    As in all standards software applications, you can also hold down the Ctrl key while clicking on the hotspots or panoramas to add other items to the selection.

    Reducing distortions

    A new "reduce distortion" button in the "Panorama Properties/Images" tab computes the best dimensions to avoid distortions in the tour.


    The following features are only available in Panotour Pro.

    Google Maps inside

    A new Maps plugin, Panotour Maps, is available in the "Extra" tab.
    If you use this plugin, your panoramas containing GPS data will be automatically localized on a map.
    The panorama can be localized easily either by searching a location like on the Google Maps website or by entering the latitude/longitude.

    Radar: the panorama's orientation is displayed as a radar in Panotour Pro.
    Just hold down the Ctrl key while a spot is selected on the map and an arrow showing the orientation will appear.

    Each hotspot displayed through the Panotour Maps plugin can be customized with its proper icon or image.

    A full customization of the plugin is available through XML editing. A documentation of the plugin features and their XML syntax will be available soon.

    Direct export of the tour through FTP

    Build and export your tour from Panotour Pro directly to your FTP server.

    Directional sounds without clicking on a spot

    It is now possible to set a sound as "display object" on a spot.
    It will add a directional sound on a panorama that will be played as soon as the panorama is loaded.

    Autorotation settings on each panorama

    In Panotour Pro, the autorotation can be set differently for each panorama. These settings are:
    - the rotation's direction
    - the rotation's speed
    - the delay before the rotation starts.

    Sounds available on iPad® / iPhone®

    If you add a sound over a whole tour or over a single panorama, it will be played on iPad® / iPhone®.
    Only directional sounds are not supported on these platforms.

    iPad® 2 / iPhone® 4 gyroscope support

    Allow the users to explore your tour by moving their tablet, only by enabling the Gyroscope plugin for iPad2® / iPhone4®

    Ability to set the size of a closed map

    We added a new way to set the size of the Maps plugin.
    The closed map can be sized and placed independantly of the opened map.

    Call a JavaScript function through a click on a hotspot

    A new field is available in the hotspot properties tab which allows to call JavaScript functions from the HTML page where the tour is embedded.
    Fill the JavaScript call in the field and when the user clicks on the spot, the JS script will be called.

    Import of orthoptic panoramas

    A new entry is available in the "File/Import" submenu that allows the import of orthoptic images (360 mirror images) in the project.

    1.5.0 Release Candidate 3 - 2011-01-17




    This is the RC3 of Panotour / Panotour Pro.

    New features

    • automatically check updates
    • add open recent files

    Bug fixed

    • 526: random crash when selecting panorama in main view
    • 506: read/write psb files
    • 522: some displayable hotspots was replaced on iphone/ipad platforms
    • 516: save sound repetition
    • 500: little planet conflict with "Crop" tool
    • 434: can't set width at max accepted value on big partial panorama
    • 502: wrong import of 16 bit files
    • 529: autorotation do not start with some partial panorama

    mac only:

    • 484: crash while opening TIFF file

    1.5.0 Release Candidate 2 - 2010-12-14




    This is the RC2 of Panotour / Panotour Pro.


    We did some UI adjustments:
    * some renaming
    * move panorama order list in concerned extra (thumbnails and panorama list)
    * remove auto-replace option which is redundant with save as

    mac only:
    * .kpt association with Panotour in finder
    * stylesheet adjustments

    Bug fixed

    * 438: memory leaks which can make crash Panotour
    * 428: error on export when using punctuation and non Latin char set in names
    * 382: theme hotspot can be uncolorizable
    * 449: dynamic link of omp library to avoid interaction with some installed codec
    * 451: video associated with point hotspot was played on start (krpano update)
    mac only:
    * 387: changes progress bar style to avoid infinite progression

    1.5.0 Release Candidate 1 - 2010-11-23




    This is the RC of Panotour / Panotour Pro.

    New features

    * Branding free license is back in context menu properties
    * Specific map hotspot are added in theme templates
    * Shortcut for building and viewing the project
    * All point hotspots can be resized


    Max pixel zoom option is disabled by default because it can block autorotation

    Bug fixed

    * 280: lines in 3D preview and some exported 360
    * 349: fix autoration with non 360 panoramas
    * 350: fix display problem of menu in flash file
    * 352: display of user defined hotspots in combobox
    * 353: do not upscale preview of panorama
    * 355: add missing check on server response when updating
    * 364: panoramas warnings are removed when a project has been saved
    * 366: fix initial state of autorotation button in some templates
    * 367: add keyboard shorcut for rendering and viewing flash output
    * 370: remove logo capture if there's no url link
    * 372: fix animated hotspot use in theme
    * 373: fix wrong display of thumbnails background
    * 362: fix generic.html template
    * 368: 3D preview update on transition set in hotspot properties
    * 369: fix hotspot resize availability for all object hotspot
    * 374: fix little planet animation with all menu templates
    * 375: add default map hotspot in the theme
    * 392: fix size of flying hotspot
    * 393: fix exported data and view of cropped panorama
    * 394: fix abusive history state emissions in hotspot editor
    * 395: fix cube faces order on import
    * 396: fix bad language display
    * 407: fix transparency of background of temp directories completion popup
    * 408: nadir scale not always applied
    * 419: fix bad point hotspot display object type, cannot be a sound file
    * 424: fix font effect saving in project properties
    * 426: fix display of default font in project setting at startup
    * 427: add a warning to user when building a tour with non standard font
    * 428: fix xml to avoid errors in krpano when some text fields contain punctuation charcaters

    Some users crashs have not been reproduced yet.

    1.5.0 Beta 2 - 2010-10-25




    This is the second beta build of PanoTour with a lot of bug fixes but also some really nice new features


    * File extension project replaced by kpt (apt may still be opened)
    * Moving the language setting (consistent with APG)
    * Graphical resources outsourcing (consistent with APG)
    * Only one HTML template enabling JS use or not, and offering compatibility with mobile viewer

    New features

    * Ability to reorder panoramas (affecting thumbnails and combobox)
    * Panorama addition by double clicking in the main window
    * Vertical move of the panorama with the mouse in hotspots editor
    * Stylesheet editable via the Ctrl+U shortcut

    Pro version

    * Tour on mobile is more complete (several 360° panoramas, hotspots ...)
    * Ability to add custom context menu entries ( right click )
    * Ability to reuse custom xml files ( export once, modify exported xml, say reuse external xml, export another time => it reincorporate external modification into the swf.
    That's kprotect feature done with PanoTour ).

    Bug fixed

    * 247: memory usage posted was not good
    * 253: support for psd images
    * 254: better behavior of the progress bar when opening a project
    * 256: more robust refresh of the hotspots editor
    * 261: export error when using a customized help screen
    * 275: do not show hotspots during panoramas loading
    * 283: some graphical objects could not be used as a hotspot (animation, video ...)
    * 312: trapping memory error when creating panoramas and previews
    * 319: more robust creation of the navigation bar with thumbnails
    * 345: wrong size of the map at the beginning of the tour

    Standard version

    * 245: export without incorporating the images
    * 297: no icon in Windows application

    Pro version

    * 244: cube faces import was not reachable
    * 263: image resolutions for mobile devices is set to fit at best hardware capabilities (IPhone/IPad)
    Some reported crashes could not be reproduced. However, improving memory error trapping may solve most of them.

    Resources policy

    Hierarchy: Kolor/ |- Templates |- Translation |- UI
    Templates => Template used by PT for customizing outputs with xml script Translation => software translations UI => everything about software style ( icones, qss )
    All theses files are initially protected in writing and updated each time. If you modify a file the writing protection is removed and this file will not be updated (keep your change). To disable your change simply remove the file and restart the application.

    1.5.0 Beta 1 - 2010-09-17




    Has we announced, AutopanoTour has splitted up in two versions and changed its name. This was to satisfy two different publics :
    - Panotour:
    For users who want to quickly build a virtual tour from equirectangular and partial panoramas. Everything is set in the software. A template system is used to easily customize the appearance of the rendered visit. There is no more audio/video support for this version. Exported pano are limited to 200 Mega pixels (approximately a 5700 wide cube face for equirectangular). - Panotour Pro:
    This version is for users who want to go deeper in the virtual tour creation process. All templates present in the standard version is editable, and the user can create its own. Some more features and options are present (see details after).

    New features

    • New graphical user interface:
      • A brand new black theme is used, new icons, two color models depending on the version of the software (orange:standard, blue:pro). It is more contrasted and should allow the user to concentrate on what is the more important.
      • Some efforts were made on the compactness of the properties tabs, as they tended to grow larger with each version. You will find all the previous options, but some may have a different place or a slightly different name:
        • "Appearance" tab : it displays all the option for what will appear on the final visit (menu, color, font, panorama list...)
        • "Behavior" tab : it displays all that is related to the animation of the visit
        • The map/logo/thumbnail/sound tabs were merged into a "Plugin" tab. You will have to scroll to switch between those plugins, some more may come in this section in future developments.
        • "Export" tab : all the options relative to the export mode of the project.
    • Theme : This is a new concept in Panotour. A theme is a set of properties for the appearance of a visit. It defines a global color, a default font, its color, a folder for graphical resources (such as hotspots, menu items,...), a set of compatible menus, and a set of compatible hotspots. More details are available in the theme xml for pro users who want to go deeper.
    • "Controls" : those are the items displayed in the visit to control it (navigation, zoom, fullscreen,...). We added an info button to display a helpscreen, explaining how to use the visit.
    • Autorotation settings in the UI.
    • Splash screen : a picture displayed while loading the panorama. Can be the helpscreen of the info button.
    • Picture export options : they are back! You can choose between Alway/Never export images or the Automatic mode (default).
    • Mobile devices compatibility (Pro only) : This activate the krpano iPhone/iPad compatibility. It has some limitations, explained in the software.
    • Hotspots, a new way to handle them : You can now defines a type of hotspots (info, direction, ...) for a punctual spot. The ones we provide in the software are also available in an animated version (sequence). Pro users can define their own hotspot type in the theme (including sequence of images). Each version allows a custom static spot as before.
    • Export cube faces (Pro) : you can export the cube faces version of any equirectangular panorama (no need to laod them in the project). Recommended export format is tiff (lossless).
    • Import cube faces (Pro) : Choose 6 files and reorder them to define a panorama from cube faces.
    • Global settings : you can choose
      • to replace the last exported file automatically (no confirmation);
      • to export the project when clicking on the "play" button;
      • to automatically play the generated visit after dragging a pano on the "quick export" dock.
    • Template names are more understandable : a caption and a tooltip are displayed instead of the xml name. Pro users can edit their own caption.


    As the software changed its name, all the settings you may have saved will be lost. This is still a beta version so test it and report any problems on the forum! It is provided as it is with no guarantees, except that we will do our best to enhance this software. Some things may be broken so you may experience problems loading old projects, hopefully not.

    Registration process

    No more krpano licence is asked in the software, we embed our own krpano licence with your registration name in the player.
    As this software is no more part of the Autopano Giga suite, it has its own key. Check on [THE WEBSITE - AVAILABLE MONDAY PROBABLY] to generate your panotour (pro) key from your APG key and krpano licence.
    To sum up:
    * APG users will get a Panotour key
    * APG users having a krpano (unlimited domains) licence will get a Panotour Pro key